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A young person in that situation doesn’t necessarily have to come and talk to their parent; they can have a confidential conversation about their sexual health and get treatment, even if they’re under 16, without their parent’s consent.

Many young people avoid telling their parents because they’re frightened of their reaction and often say “My parents will kill me” but what they don’t realise is that once their parents have got over the initial shock; almost all will give their children the help they need.

This can lead to all kinds of health problems for the mum and the baby.

Young people who are pregnant must confide in a trusted adult, perhaps a GP or a teacher, so they can get the help they need.

Religious concerns, legal rights and how to help your teen stay safe in the future are all topics covered in this short clip.This person can also help liaise with their parents too. If sex has taken place in the last 72 hours, your daughter could get emergency contraception (the ‘morning after’ pill) free from a pharmacy or a sexual health clinic. Free pregnancy tests are available at your GP’s, Brook, or your local sexual health clinic.Tell your child you’re always there to talk – but it’s important for them to go for counselling with a trained professional to consider all the options.The FPA’s Rebecca Findlay advises: Accept that you’ll experience a whole range of emotions and fears. If the parents-to-be smoke cigarettes, encourage them to quit and get advice on the support available.It is important to ensure the mum to be doesn’t drink alcohol too and again, the midwife can talk to the parents to be if there are concerns.

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