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Government agencies don't make unsolicited phone calls and never ask for personal information — why would they? Remind them what they taught you decades ago: Don't trust strangers — especially those seeking personal information and money.

Several states view false light as more narrow than defamation in certain respects -- that is, someone might be able to sue for defamation but not false light.In many scams, your parents may be targeted more often than other age groups and fall victim more often, too.And once burned, they may be hit up again as easy marks.These could suggest that your folks are on "sucker lists" for sweepstakes and "investment opportunities." These lists are developed and sold among scammers to identify past victims as candidates for future fraud.Consider setting up online access to your parents' bank and credit card accounts. The most common scams against the elderly include phony lottery and sweepstakes seeking upfront fees to enter or collect; government impostors posing as reps from Social Security and Medicare; the grandparents scam, in which a grandchild is supposedly in deep trouble; offers for free or discount medications (including anti-aging drugs) or medical equipment; and credit card fraud and investment schemes.

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