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“we do not foresee closing our discussion sites,” a spokesman said.

t-online excludes anyone reported to have made remarks of a paedophile nature in the chatroom, the spokesman added.

people, lots of people, abused the system, and now it is lost.

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all the same….) initiatives to protect our children will probably cost someone money. it's cheaper (in so many ways) than trying to put a family back together after abuse / murder (the end result in many of these cases).

if you want to chat there are other chat sites out there and to all you petafiles out there please die slowly of cancer you waste of flesh.

thank you – by p.s.r it's microsoft, of course they are going to lie “ what does either one have to do with the topic at hand? you run either linux or macos and would never ever step a foot into msn or any other microsoft or microsoft-sponsored site.

by giving access to the unsupervised services only to subscribers, the company hopes to be able to hold users more accountable.

as always, the announcement is creating reaction from two sides; advocates applaud the move to protect users and children, whereas others feel it will impede free speech. this is a great move by microsoft, and i hope others follow suit.

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