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Only samurai could wear the daishō: it represented their social power and personal honour.



During the pre-World War II military buildup, and throughout the war, all Japanese officers were required to wear a sword.She is the epitome of luxury, and includes the Catana warr Amazing Condition, this 82 Catana is ready to go sailing for private use or for charter.The forward cockpit area will include a new deck made of teak and salon specially made by manufacturer as an ex Overall length 64.63 ft Overall length with bowsprit 68.14 ft Water line length 63.35 ft Beam 31.36 ft Light displacement 23.9 t Draft boards up 4.27 ft Draft boards down 10.17 ft Mast clearance 87.60 ft Mast Catana 582 sailing catamaran from 2002 is an exceptional opportunity for any keen cruiser.The Haitōrei Edict in 1876 forbade the carrying of swords in public except for certain individuals, such as former samurai lords (daimyō), the military, and the police.Skilled swordsmiths had trouble making a living during this period as Japan modernized its military, and many swordsmiths started making other items, such as farm equipment, tools, and cutlery.

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