Capricorn women are intimidating

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The Capricorn symbol is fascinating, in that its two halves have come to have opposite cultural meanings, even though the original symbol came from an entirely different civilization!

The glyph for Capricorn is a straight line down that comes up and then swirls back down again, which is the body of the goat and its mermaid-like fish tail.

Forests of lacey white branches and dark green evergreenes are silent, eery, yet beautiful in their severity.

Snow descends in heavy sheets and settles into deep rifts, drowning the world in frigid white.

He was said to have flooded the rivers to allow for cultivation, giving them agriculture and eventually civilization, further emerging from the rivers to teach and dispense his wisdom.

Later on, in Egyptian astrology, this Sign was referred to simply as "The Goat", with the fish component of the symbol removed.

Many Germanic cultures associated this time of year with a diet of suet (animal fat), severe frost, ice, and snow.

And the West Frisian Calendar called this “Fore Month”, because it was the first month of winter.

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