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Night and Riiko bump heads quite a bit at first, but as the story progresses, she finds that Night is evolving into something much more than a robot.

Like most romantic dramas, the charm here is the element of fantasy and the dynamic between actors Aibu Saki and Hayami Mokomichi, and they hit the tone just right.

While at first the group leader, Domyoji, seems like the biggest jerk you'll ever meet, somehow these two very different personalities come together in all sorts of remarkable ways.

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"Despite that fact, or maybe even because of it, viewers are consistently drawn to dramas," he said.It makes you wish your own robot boyfriend would arrive on your front porch (and if it was a good looking as Mokomichi, that would help quite a bit!) It seems just as popular in Japanese culture as in American culture to portray couples that argue playfully.A fortuitous meeting with the owner of a company called Kronos Heaven teases Riiko to create her own "dream boyfriend" in the form of a humanoid robot, and soon enough, he arrives on her doorstep!Called Night, he does everything a woman would want a man to do - except be human!

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